Social Work Innovations contracted with Social Work Solutions PLLC, a practice devoted to Climate Change social work, to develop a series of workshops specific to social work and Climate Change.  Two workshops have been developed, tested and used by social work groups.  The first is called Changing Your Practice to Meet the Challenges of Climate Change.  This training concentrates on educating social workers on what climate change is, how it effects clients and how to meet the challenges of the effects. 

The second is called Who Cares About Your Grandchildren? Climate Change, Social Policy and Social Work.  This training concentrates: on understanding the impact climate change is having and will have in the future on society, individuals and groups, knowing the social policies that must change to deal with the impact of climate change; understanding how social work fits into social policy implementation; and becoming aware of how social workers can influence the development of social policy.

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Attending workshops and learning about Climate Change is important, but perhaps not enough to create the changes needed in a practice or an organization.  SWI also provides consultation on helping make the changes wanted.  The consultation is based in the methods presented in the workshop.  Consultation is provided by the SWI staff.  To arrange for consultation, Contact Us.