“For humanity to survive in the Anthropocene, we need to learn to live with and through the end of our current civilization. Change, risk, conflict, strife, and death are the very processes of life, and we cannot avoid them. We must learn to accept and adapt.” Roy Scranton.

“Climate Change is not in the future it is in the present. You need to take action now to prevent its being a disaster for the people you serve” Sarah Meadows, MSW

Climate change is here. It is not going away. But we can avoid the worst case scenario by taking action now and we can adjust to the new reality socially, emotionally and physically. Social work should be at the forefront of making change and adjustment. It is our job, it is our business, it is our profession. We are uniquely qualified because of our practice guiding principle of the person-in-environment perspective and our values of service and social justice. But to do so each social worker needs knowledge and skills they may not have that are specific to making the difference we need to make.

To help social workers change their practices to meet the twin challenges of adjusting to help our clients with the effects of Climate Change and changing the policies that will make Climate Change worse, SWI is providing workshops and consultation. We have partnered with Social Work Solutions PLLC, a practice devoted to Climate Change social work.

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